Aquascaping and Tank Relocation

Have an aquarium already? We can build out or relocate what you already own!

Setting up or moving an existing system can be a daunting task. We can work with what you own already, advise you on which elements may be missing or out-of-date, or suggest new elements to help make your aquarium more vibrant and beautiful.

A tank that was moved to its current location.


Ask about aquascaping!

Jorge aquascaping a new setup.

Are you uncertain how to build out your system? Do you need additional live rock or live sand? We can provide advice and recommended brands so that you can optimize the freshwater or saltwater ecosystem.

Sediment settling after aquascaping and addition of saltwater.

Are you moving and need to keep your marine or freshwater system intact as safely as possible? We can help! Contact us for an estimate and please include as much of the information here as possible.

  • How far? Will this be a cross-town move or farther?
  • How many tanks? How many gallons?
  • Do you have additional non-display tanks, like a refugium?
  • What sort of livestock is living in your tank currently? Do you have corals? Do you have particularly fragile creatures that will need special care?
Please note that there is no guarantee on livestock, but special care will be taken to keep fish, invertebrates, and corals happy and healthy.