Custom Tanks

 Work with us to design the aquarium of your dreams!

Unlike so many custom aquarium designs, we insist on using all-glass display tanks because they do not scratch easily, leading to a beautiful and clearer view of your corals, fish, and other livestock for a long time.

A conference room with a beautiful display tank.

We can size for any situation, be it a small system or a giant one, and as an alternative to a freestanding cabinet on which to support your display tank, we can also provide options to build your tank directly into your home or office. Check out the process of how we customize.

Some features to consider:

  • Aquarium: your display tank will be made of glass, sized to your needs.
  • Cabinet: inbuilt or custom, any color to fit with your decor
  • Sump: an acrylic sump appropriately sized for the display tank or tanks will be designed, and can include a number of additional features.
  • Protein skimmer: enough size and power to keep your system running optimally by cleaning the water.
  • Live rock and sand: the right amount for your ecosystem, depending on the size of your display tank or tanks, and arranged in a stable, aesthetic fashion.
  • Freshwater top-off: keep your salinity at the right level with a convenient freshwater top-off supply which compensates for evaporation.
  • Refugium: grow plants and algae to help clean the water and contribute to the marine ecosystem.
  • Reactors: media reactors are very versatile, but can help with phosphates, nitrates, and other water conditions.
  • Pumps: a range of options are available based on your budget, including quiet, adjustable models that are nonetheless quite powerful to meet your needs.
  • Lighting: the proper lighting for your system. LED systems require less power and less maintenance, and they can be set to transition through the day/night cycle for optimal growth. We recommend variable lighting that is controlled remotely through an app on your phone or via a timer. 
  • Plumbing: with more than five years experience plumbing tanks specifically, we will check against leaks. We use all PVC piping, which lasts longer, and depending on your preferences, we customize with valves to balance a single pump or use multiple pumps for maximum flexibility. We're happy to adjust existing systems in place as well!


Large freestanding tank. Smaller freestanding tank
Large freestanding marine aquarium. Medium-sized freestanding marine aquarium.
Freshwater tank
A freshwater tank. Yes, we do freshwater, too!